The Devil Card: IN THE SKIES: A week of change. The closing of a chapter in your life that has reached the end, a conclusion, you can no longer continue in the direction that you have been heading. The Sun is in CANCER and the Moon is in LIBRA. It is a time of clearing away the old to make room for the new. Everything comes in cycles, so this is just another moment of renewal. Speak your inner truth (even if that seems difficult). A new path opens up before you as soon as you get real about how much time you've been wasting being bound by the expectations of others, rather than simply being at PEACE with yourself (contentment). This card symbolizes the ending of a habit, routine or mental or emotional block towards progress in your life, and leads you away from negative patterns that keep you stuck in the PAST. What a wonderful time to move forward! © The webmaster: Celestial Witch, somewhere, sometime, under a 2018 sky.