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energy vampires. May 11, 2021 I zombie no more. I write. book excerpt...
Well I'm not sure how "well" she knows her parents. Perhaps her daughter-in-law knows them better. I know her son bought a house somewhere in the sticks recently. And that, that side of the family are the "jocks". She would like that antique dining room set for a house-warming gift for her son. Let me give you a little Chicago background. Germans are the Hatfields, been here since at least a couple turn of the centuries ago (19th century, which is 1800's). I will tell her, from my post as head nurse in the household, that her Mother, who chatted with my Mother with the bohemian accent (this was afterall, a Czech/Italian town) at the hairdresser (and I love those old hairdos!) is afraid of the "boogie man". She saw him in her house because it seemed as though her granddaughters are friends now with his granddaughter. And how she likes those shades down low so the neighbors don't see who's in her house, in her 50 year old neighborhood where she's been married to the same man for over 50 years, that knew her even 11 years prior. Certainly brought to mind while I was traveling on the bus to this new assignment, my own parents, from 1950 Chicago Little Village who also worked downtown in those years before they decided to take a trip to california Hollywood west los angeles for a few short years. They were married 28 years and would have still been together had he not passed away. My Mother told me many stories such as when they would be at that little restaurant across the street from where the old department store Rakes was located, across from what was once White Hen Pantry is now 7/11, that friends of theirs would say "I can see you two as a couple who will grow old together and still be holding hands". By the way, my Mother knew this hairdresser, still in the old neighborhood, even before we moved to 23rd street, back in our Laramie days, prior to her days of working for the Mafioso's wife.
And I've got a swarovsky ring (old school friends of mine who are not afraid of the grim reaper know that's quality) and 2 of my Father's (who started the Kucera czech/mexi "gang" who thrives online even to this day May 2021), German/Czechoslovakian heirlooms, right out of Nazi Europe, Rojas. So I do not die here being labeled not a Mother to my son by haters or the misinformed. As I am only a female, I do not have all the facts of the past. But me and my mother and my sister were female soldiers of this war and we wise up with every day that passes on planet earth for us. That our mission here from Czech Canada California Chicago and Cicero, has been to keep our strong roots and (founded in 1265) Czechoslovakian/Ceske Budojovice flag flying proud in our hearts and our memories and Souls. Kim Jana Marie Kucera P.S. I wonder who remembers Manny Perl's? My Mother's friend from Nikki the Hairdresser's husband does. And if that old Czech flag still flies proud in that household near Stickney Jewels. Which is still there but they rebuilt it since me and my son would walk down that alley and go to that store when he was a little blonde haired boy. Czech Plaza and Klas flew the coupe. Now Old Prague, well maybe the Bajovich Mob remembers the burning down of that flag. Cicero has changed a great deal they have 3 huge schools/additions they did not have here while me and my sister were raising our children here in the 80s and 90s. 35th street brings back memories of the old Manor Pharmacy, Farm Foods, The old shoe repair man, Nikki's, the laudromat was about the only place I saw still exactly the same as it was. I can tell you we had Family Friends in that neighborhood even after we moved up in the world so to speak, and some of those apartments had huge cockroach infestations. Some of these buildings here in Cicero/Berwyn are amazing. Something to do your history research on, because the real Al Capone and his crew had houses here, and his sister was married at where I used to go (to watch the boys play sports at the rec, with my grammer school friends) as a little girl, St Mary of Czestochowa's beautiful Church, and his family plot is Mt Carmel, now hidden from public view due to desecraters. Al Capone's hotel was right here on Cermak rd between Laramie and Cicero avenue on the south side of the street, I haven't really paid attention to that area to see what is there now. But many of the old gangster stories are 100% true. And the houses you see with the lions and whatnot and beautiful stain glass windows etc, are houses that real mobsters lived in, to my knowledge even in the 80s for sure, possibly even the early 90s. Again, you'd have to research this. South Berwyn has some gorgeous Victorian homes, I haven't researched their time-periods as far as when those were built. But if Cicero/Berwyn was a monopoly gameboard, that area would be Park Avenue Real Estate. Well you see I write, many of my former Ciceronian/Berwynites paint, etc, they still live here and they find outlets. Well we have generations of families still throughout booming Chicagoland (which is why people, especially young people, come here from other States). I'm fifty six. The dye their hair grey and silver nowdays, some of these young females, working in offices and walking the streets of North Shore. I let mine grow in naturally grey now. My black felines (an old European tradition related to Halloween aka All Hallow's Eve, much like the Day of the Dead, although I believe that one is November 1st All Saint's Day) have lovely silver collars around their necks, and well Shadow is much like the Pet Semetery cat, he came back to life he almost died. They live longer than 1 decade usually, sometimes into their 20.s. One of my cats has beautiful olive colored eyes, one has amber colored eyes. They are very interesting, cats. Living creatures, just like the redwoods they cut down, 1000 year old trees on Mother Earth 100 years ago. They are very tuned into the sounds around them. Birds chirping is probably what they love the most, because I watch them. I lost my train of thought. Maybe next time we can figure out why we're still here, Old Chicago. I at fifty six have not a one choice or decision I need to make. Already made them all. Maybe the Voodoo Queen or the old Slave Master can help new Mexico figure out their roots. Well the Hatfields and the McCoys played games here, from Grant Works to Riverside, these were women whose husbands were long gone and very beautiful in thier youths. My Mother did get on her hands and knees and scrub the floors. I refused as a Home Health Aide in the 90's. I am a mop kind of a 90's girl. I believe I lived to tell the story. As in undercover often from my real roots. That is why they questioned me my old friends the Heavy Metal scene, because Kucera is a very Czech name. My Mothers Czech was broken, with a twist of Polish and German. She lived in Germany. I know little of her Polish roots beyond their 1950s early years on 26th street. And I have seen the photo of my Mother's friend in passing from Nikki's hairsalon. She was very beautiful in her youth, as was my Mother. I no longer have those photos, I may have a couple but she gave me ALL of them. I gave her back some. I believe so Carol's son could preserve them as I was never sure of my future. And she had a house always and was the one that kept many of the family heirlooms. The photos of Karel and Emilie as a couple in California (they went to many places out there movie openings, where they have the sta'rs handprints forgot what that is called.) Also autographs to me and Carol, I heard Wayne sr destroyed some of them possibly all of them years ago in arguments/fights, where she was never the victor, he was nice to my face but Carol was an angry young woman during some of her youth. were 100% mine. As were the car etc photos from Chicago. And the ones in Czechoslovkia. Well Grandma's not here to vouch for any of it. But the boys can all recall can they not how close me and Grandma were thoughout the years? I can move forward. I would like a big Michael wedding. I would like Harlow I suppose to start becoming more like her Mother the Hostess, and put together family reunions. Where all of Karel and Emilie's descendents can get together and stay in touch with each other if they want to. That's what families do. Yes we've been through a "war' on our streets but my Father was very big on the family sticking together. I bring up Carol's anger because Michael was the mediator for a while and she would say "I don't wanna fight with Kimmy". Well see she was different by then so I am explaining to you that you did not know her like I did. Hope that makes sense to whomever it should make sense to. And I do not believe that "things would have turned out differently". I know where I live now, apartment #309 and apartment #208 read my writings and respond to them. I think that he thinks he will live down there forever, he has not accepted inevitable death, and she thinks she is going to get out of here, and I do not believe that either. That's my viewpoint from being here since the 70.s and a hop skip and a jump from where I was in the 1990's. The neighborhood has changed and I do not ask for cups of sugar or eggs from neighbors. Like Emilie did. My Mother lived in Arizona another fact. So a different life than Jeanette's. I remember being taught by my Mother how to make creamed spinach in the 1970's. I haven't attempted that. In the 90's it was beef strogonoff. Carol was a cook/baker, self-taught and by my Mother. Emilie's specialty was svitchkova. I don't want anything to do with stuff like, who the kids wanna associate with, date, marry, or what to be done with Emilie's or Carol's belongings including recipes OK? If someone wanna be so kind I am to see again, wanna give me a gift like photos Billy got that is fine. I was given many gifts throughout the years, very little left so yes I took part in a "war" having to do with my identity and roots. I'm not going to speak another word of Marina beyond this. Her brother is on the east coast so I don't want her sob story that she lost photos in the 90s when she was shacking up in the south states. I did not lead her daughter to a mixed black and czech man who when I told my Mother this she said that does not even exist such a combination. Marina was in the westmont projects snorting something she was not told was actually heroin and caught a habit. And then her daughter start getting pregnant. Mikey and his crew helped me move house many times. My Mother also taught me how to make scrambled eggs (the good way) and breaded pork chops but I stopped making that a while ago. I made grilled cheese samwitches the best lunches when Mikey was little. His bff said I turned him onto white people food that would have been when we did Market Day which was like striking gold. We did grow up poor. We struggled week by week and then Ken wanted to buy jeeps (live above our means) and then he started a guitar collection, I got sick of it. He became I suppose around Mikeys teens then going into high school, less family oriented and more into groupies. Damien Thorne was famous in Cicero/Berwyn. I was married to him in the 90s I raised my son then too, he would go every other weekend by his other Father often on fishing trips. And yes indeed I am thee parent they always called from the school office etc whenever he was in trouble or had an issue in grade school high school even community service because like most teens out here he got into some trouble especially back then when the boys were wearing concert tshirts and the Lyons police would harass them which were notorius for arresting and harassing people back then that was the rumor anyways. You know how it is every circle of friends and neighborhood would have their word of mouth. I got a pass to survive down on morningside drive. What year is it? I need the music and the earbuds. is what it is. btw way little tony I never mentioned this I knew your uncle. Little tony from our hood girlies. Donna Hargarten's block. And why was I never able to mention that before? I would assume they are scared of Michael Myers aka little tonys uncle, and the black boogy man as well. Why the LKs courtesy Queen Cookie still takin orders from me I do not know they ever took an order from me a day in their lives in 1980. King Sinbad gave me a ride home to 35 and laramie like pullin teeth these were mean mfs. I gave him $5 gas money from my Mom. Well maybe what it is, is I am in tune with the neighborhood because history just repeated itself. I heard a car accident outside. De Ja Vu, a lot. And the old man with the, I'm not gonna say victrola music. He play death music give me not goosebumps, can't explain it. He play funerol parlor music and another decade, can't put my finger on. Not the rock music, maybe 1930s type. I also heard a sea gull is it? why they out here? Ive fed them near tonys Im observant seen them hungry. Heard one squeal today, and a dog. Lots of commotion of all sorts out there today. Ambulance arrives 4:36 probably bad out there. Oh a second one. now someone screaming about the car horns. Well I did 2 years in a lock-down facility. I write all my notes down and keep them. I do not keep prison correspondance of any sort though, nobody wants to stay there. If you're out here. I cannot speak for my friends who did time in Tamms Supermax 23 hour lockdown etc. They wanna pine over me? They want to make me famous out here. Have yet to get to the bottom of why. What I deserve is a book writing deal. They all refused from the officials to the streets to give me any kind of closure or take the veil off the truth behind what happened to some key players of my past. There's Unconditional Love and Unrequitted Love, I wrote poems about both when I was gothically depressed and needed outlets. I have a son they do not wanna be all up their mommas skirts 24 7 365. They saved Carol's poems that is nice. I wasn't about saving that, obviously. Wayne sr destroyed some of her stuff and Mike sr destroyed some of my stuff not sure how he did it intentionally probably not he always said I was a good Mother and told Mikey that throughout the years. The dramas are not on my block Ive been a writer for what feels like a million years after having a life that felt like a million years. They all know I have a son he has a latin girlfriend they don't know about the daughter. Some of their sons are locked up some are in and out some are out hopefully for good. I do not feel like hittin the idoc or exploring if my nephew ODed. Why they tellin me he almost did again last I heard? That is your brother HARLOW. We got sirens goin all day long here arizona, nevada, dont know why youre reading it I am not the mother of a daughter not a cactus in sight. Something happened in old Cicero because Carol had haters and I am sure Dixon caused it because the aunt I spoke to in the 90s didn't like her. I wrote about stuff because I did not like what happened as it unfolded I saw a lot of unfairness I do not feel like it was emilie carol or kimmys fault it was the men and possibly females or they were just stupid I do not care anymore. My father knew the mobsters. He borrowed money for a gambling debt. Long story he paid it. also he had a shop next to popellas long story they wanted to burn down his shop he would collect insurance money did not happen. hawthorne burned to the ground in the 70s before it was rebuilt and old prague burned down that was after my fathers death. i saw his bf at klas in the 90s my mom my sister my son all of us and he did not approve of ken. these old school guys did not like the heavy metal long haired guys at all. so thats my father. I went with my mother to tom skryids sons law office in the 90s too for some legal work either I or she had at this point I do not remember, we were that kind of close, going with each other to important things. from hospitals to office matters. so whose "show" was it, karel's for all three of us very difficult it was to lose him. why they gapin at my page with their eyes wide open? look at the real world 2021.

Yah you really think my father didnt know these guys? My father died on a thursday how come I remember that? quit trying to confuse me with your girlie agendas. Mikey called me Kimmy when he was lil for a time period he went thru like they all go thru these cute things right? because all the family members called me kimmy. his daddys a hillbilly for one. for two his stepdaddies a rockstar. thirdly that creepy house on 59th court daughter in law got a sister named kimmy and talkin talkin about her. how am I not supposed to react like this when its like bizaro world they went to lincoln we went to olc and they still in that house still married cicero still on my tail it makes no sense. everyone had aspirations because we grew up poor in cicero berwyn mine was to write a magazine or newpaper column horoscope but im done supporting their hokey cause. Kim. They are way beyond me here in my building. and my rants and ravings. old larry yelling "whore" out the window yesterday today way worse stuff make me think he is one of those former boy scout leaders. So everyone heard it. and the crew can remove my two cat bowls outside I put another one out there yesterday. I can still hit valles and dollar buster. they know me there for months and years. so why is sam and francis using me for updates and lying my son texted me yesterday that they miss me. lets hit glorias hood next because this isnt 2015 and i been in her hood a few times since her hood is bad very poor people there and esmerelda with the nails behind the desk there too racist against me west side blacks past cicero avenue trying to move further west lil ari still on the bus looking for magickal signs that her momma the fairy godmother. shes active in her community. well she was a red head like ari at one point in time. i was just tryin to get back to 26 and cal stretch to get free eyeglasses thru my insurance in july. but i have a pair so its not necessary. theres people who cannot even get their paws on a free fare card i still got mine even tho thru the years i lost my wallet. why natalie wanna give me free donated food? I got snap benefits for yeeeeears. im not their momma never wanted to be their momma. purposely miscarried kens baby because i did not want him growin up with kens possible daughter in his face like she the better child because he woulda treated her that way, why your man reading my page still denise? marina met one of these guys sisters at christ hospital when she broke her leg. theres more to the story but i do not like attention and you know i went to visit her. different times boys we did not get around easily yah know it was no cell phones laptops etc....I had low self esteem. anyways mikey got a mouth on him i have seen anger in both william and mikey he got a nickname in the hood not sure what he capable of. they underestimate white boys here but the fat pigs gettin shot down infronta valles. war against white women in mexico already seen it so worry about your displaced social worker girls. I cant help them if their men are gonna hate on me or mistake me for someone else. you got the balls to go into valles and buy gangbang memorial candles voodoo queen next door? and then hand the poor beggin mexican man a dollar outside and change his day possibly life? you are part of the problem or part of the solution. we do good deeds family. im in lockdown now though too much scary noise outside. and i know the whole block. nancy drews case in midway area well. she has me on hold as she does my last 2 days pay which actually included my bday because i worked nights 28th 29th. trying to send something to my son and his family so this is what im talkin about they think we're rich because were online were not rich were just smart because were online were all hard working people i work even when im not on a payroll obviously i am 56 with a family willing to accept disability. already almost died, didn't, talk to God. i can tell you what they do online (in my "hood" so to speak, meaning where Im from, you people spyin dont know me thats why it goes on and on in circles, you lookin for something from me reach out to your social workers etc the people that can really help you.) what they do is buy everything good up so i am on top of getting what i need when it is available then i send to my son and his family what i can. because i dont wanna go out in the summer also i think there could be a war goin on i mean the kids bought a freezer sez a lot. we all communicate with each other. we all got PRIDE thats what my family is very PROUD people. we not scared we not haters. i dont have all the facts why these old cicero people wont leave me alone and livin in fantasy land i gotta keep schoolin em. carol provost takin vacations postin it on facebook? we not on facebook at least my immediate family and we aint takin vacations so why old cicero reading my page? they in positions of power like social workers and my kids work 2 jobs etc to pay their rents we all strugglin. not watchin the news have no idea whats goin on but times when i do they got all the car jackins next minute we got the preseident fighting with this or that country, politics so i do not know whats going on but its scary. the last i saw the fam of mine who was on facebook put a deep freeze on that. if ari wanna comunicate with my nephew on there he gonna get her hooked on heroin maybe crack. well that was the last update i had unless he now with the mexican mafia like he tell me and show me back last summer that just came and went. she got a daughter now we gonna keep on the straight and narrow path. so shayna maybe cody still fighting for dakota how can i help with that? get off crack SHAYNA. HARLOW talk to your brother. see now we know why they stayin in the house cody watchin tv not outside like when you were little because he complain about that different world different times i do not know shaynas mother so how i know who wat she scared of? probably the crack dealer. I think cody a victim and the girls the problem. im not gonna change my mind im 56. they both followed my tarot writings cody and ariana they both "stalkin" me when I lived with sr at jamies. stalkin because i was goin thru a lot you all know about my panic attacks. so they were both on facebook. with their friendslist private. i was on there too once upon a time. cody is not really good a lot of the online stuff william is. its always for as long as ariana wanna keep me stuck here about their dramas misunderstandings etc etc etc cody at the southwest side mama gangbang party and tell me stuff but my viewpoint about it so why i gotta keep writing writing writing. i get closure on the mexican mafia drama or i move on. mikey and ari lived with jamie bac when i turned her away on 26th st they fight like cats and dogs then they go to florida by bens house his mama call me they fight like cats and dogs. i think it quiet where they at now. i already told you we almost got into it at crucial time me and her phsyically who gona win that? me. so mikey step up 100% right time never lay a hand on me his wifey and baby safe so he a stand up guy. then i come over and he ready to go off on someone not sure me or her because i come with my mouth i am not even sure where it comes from. been there since and the neighborhood safe for them. so i am in cicero still. he texts me a lot we good. so we onto what this is really about. i raised a son. thats what i keep tellin you morons. so why larry still downstairs harrasin me oh no he harassin the whole hood now and key players are beyond me at this point. he aint my daddy he dead and buried czechoslovakian in 79 he aint my husband i told you where my husbands are at so why he callin women (and theres at least one other white women here in this bldg) whores and then today this morning screaming and punching so he aint cripple. sissys and stickin candybars up their assholes? thats ok for me to hear that? for the women and children here to hear that? but sam from thresholds wanna email me some bs nonsense because she was reading some of my healing therapy writings instead of do her job? they hide and play games spying on me trying to get info AND mistaking me for someone i am not. so this is MY lifeline. my son was not a boyscout he did not go to day camp etc etc. they remove my bowls i will walk over to dollar buster and buy some more like i did for my granddaughters visits. i got the paint store here would love to paint my walls like cactus readership has a pretty interior design but the mexicans wont let me they dont wanna see a strong white woman. maybe they wanna see a strong black woman living alone i dont know. i love those candles i am not afraid to go buy some more theyre cheap they have Religious meanings the big glass ones are for using as drinking glasses after the flame goes out, id like voodoo queen to go in that aisle get that visual if she wants to follow my writings. halloween is still my holiday and i can step foot in there like i did dollar buster to buy a folder for my new job recently. been back here 100% since 2005. maybe theres some big hillbilly moma hoarding house here with 100 dead cats which is an awful visual but I think they tryin to fish someone out or get into some household here in cicero possibly been here since the 50s not lookin likes denises parents' shrine. ive seen animal abuse first hand and these animals in those situations we cant get into as of yet are better off dead no wonder God gave those innocent creatures a short shelf life on planet earth. had boyfriends didnt find anyone worth shackin up with ok can we move on from my love life drama 56 in menopause. what does that mean I aint connected to the moon and waves anymore (read up about the powers of mothers and nature) i got no powers to have a baby i am "dead" in that sense. im not procreating material so I am not very creative in any new sense am I? what powers I have? i dont have a dick between my legs like larry probably still gettin off on porn online I dont know? I dont wanna be in anyones sex life. and Im not. i dont like pervs so that kinda fucked me up for building a shrine from the getgo didnt it? 15 is young. they both have names in the hood mikey and billy. i see now billy the one been on mikey the whole time. he seen much sorrow in his life with us 3 kucera women etc I dont look thru his eyes i dont know all the fact he tattooed up and down he famous tagger he from dixon grant works by blood. i have more peace of mind now seeing what he was behind beyond my father. the little kitty circle reading this, well gina got the italian husband so larue was cryin to me her husband cheated on her with a gf. she single thats my fault? maybe gina wanna hook you up. eileen telling me oh libby has a daughter shes really beautiful, see they were scared of sheri moons total skull online (I learned witchcraft from the best Carrie Buck 1980-1983) I paid those morton east girlies back mikey. did not have a choice. why was nick marlon tony humphrey ben all at my divorced household smokin weed questionin my back-ground? quintano what were you doing there? foster? spies from ken at one point no doubt. where were their mommas at then? i remember guerros mom a little quintano they moved around like the martinezes and marlons was ok nicks grandma ok humphrey lived in the closed community like paulines family where i taught you how to drive. what rojas doin on the bus 21 when i have 1 grand to bail you out wait all nite across the street with the hot dog guy ari run away you get out my tall son not scared of county we take a cab home no money we stuck there no buses in the dark and i pay dude with my laundry quarters at home, had to use payphone to call that taxi so yah he old school too back to the point linda rojas was bad mouthing me and never met me. and lyin because they knew some hilbilly lipstick daughter wearin mama from berwyn as usual i get mistaken for because they racist and ari wanna use me to babysit not let me move forward in my life. they gonna treat me with love and respect or they gona get lost because Im his momma. we come a long way BTW from those old days that is when in larrys myers the serial killers building when my hillbily family took over for you linda raisin your daughter, when the social media began and i reached out for a life line i was in the gangbang hood satan disciples house next door. and dont lie i took alot of emotional abuse and mental abuse from him when he was a teenager. back to a hatfield and mccoy old cicero war. he is not gonna get those kinda visuals so move on. rojas and her crew forever more wont allow dat. detroit back in the house. nothing new here. 1997 and beyond. they exist so why you focusin on my hillbilly family? see and it MAKES sense now. my father was connected and people like theresa warner her father was a cop were at his wake she cried with me. but some of em were just like it was class at olc talkin laughin not paying respect at my fathers wake down the block here so i think we did stick out because we were from california. so it was like ha ha your father died now they all gonna come after your ass and they did. so i hate these dogs probably miserable with their cheating husbands oh they cheat they lie like ken did. my family got strong good quality to have now during this war. been out of your house especially out here (and why they posted personal business on fb?) you know theres a war going on online and off people dont wanna shop at jewels women out there asking questions of women like me who are out here etc etc etc Larry playin his music loud now because I have these videos posted see he acts like its my show dont matter he mental they remember what he said. not the same as a victim females words. see this is the time period i grew up in here in cicero. it was when the white greaser gangs were losing power they had already truced with some latin gangs and they were still tryin to keep blacks out...our Fathers kept us safe from predators we now know existed thru shows like forensic files. this is 70s we were smoking weed. its not brain surgery its all comin back to me i became vulnerable to latin gangs because my father died so did carrie her father kicked her out she was the og gothic girl from berwyn originally. my father was well connected and extremely protective of his family. so loong story short woulda been nice he kept our family strong by drilling it in my head because I feel I saw the importance of it most, who we are and came from. i still wear my dads ring everyone knows i never gave up that fight getting it clear in my head tellin the story combating the haters not selling out single 20 yrs etc. thats out roots. other people reading it well wheres my million dollars for a best selling book? not fair as usual larry wont die in my generation and just like those books i liked to read there are families at war on planet earth they call em the vampire and werewolf clans etc, I gotta school the generations to follow to combat his hillbilly clan. theyre the ones that need to move on from some old feud. maybe these riverside mamas need to check their own backyard that pond over there i remember kids throwing stones at ducks thats sickening to me just like at evanston pet shop there were some weird ass kids being mean to animals there, there are weird ass parents raising weird ass kids with no respect for animals and nature. dont even get me started on what ive seen abuse to animals they kill for meat well why they gotta be tortured as well hillbilly farm nasty daddy? well hes really going off now im not calling the police i did that last year they didnt show up why isnt your badass crew doing something about that francis why dont you call the police im not gonna reach out to you because you wouldnt even give me a copy of my lease. how come nobody calls the cops? to help him or something? the door downstairs is locked im not even goin down there to unlock it for the cops then i gotta her that retard hater black woman responding to my posts well tomorrows thurs soc wrkr day well do your jobs maybe he needs your st louis donated food natalie he probably know your moma with your loud mouth blowing up my phone more than once. my sons texts me tim quit lying do your jobs. hes likely breaking down your buildings door francis. well hes drunk and violent and harasing the black women and their children me and my cats are used to his angry outbursts. well my cats water fountain broke Id go out and get a new one but theres too many blacks outside. they look like cochroachs those women with the long braids so she the cockroach mama in 309 is what it is. we didnt grow up in that kind of a building my dad worked and put us especially me into Catholic school not cheap. we were not on any benefits or state aid. so we'll keep bringing out the lies til they're all gone. there was a real cochroach infestation (not just visual like 309, oh yah thats what they look like and you know it seen one i will always remember at the laundromat exactly what she look like thats her familiar) at the 35th and laramie apartments at one time my mother got on the landlord and they took care of it. obviously strong women in my family we learned that from Karel. why moe sullivan asking if my mom still live there when i see her at the fest on harlem ave? they eye spy I hate em. maureen still readin my page I grew up with in the olc playground? sick of the lies. no more drama here i dont even wanna smoke I quit all of it. so I dont know what to tel these people. I had not 1 psyche issue before 2010 so dont lie mikey did not grow up with me like that either. thats the danger of the internet people assume identities and destroy reputations. i went to a neurologist for pain and got prescribed a heavy drug from a polack dr that started the downward spiral and some other crap amitriptyiline just tryin to get pain relief for the shotgun pellet assholes belittled time and again including the medical field and the legal field scaredy cats lied and I brought it all into the open. The End. carol didnt like this movie, i did. 1998. i read the book first which was more indepth and interesting of course they always are but the movie is different because of the visuals. and then i gota be reminded of carols magickal galena shop (after the bakery) harlow little girl and the season or however long we spent in the back of the shop there with her while mikey was going thru stuff with his daddy and his friends. why i gotta keep reminscing? she did not like the zombie in the movie she was a scaredy cat couldnt handle a visual she got it wasnt from me i dont remember online or something with a little kid in a coffin she wasnt the goth girl wearin black. Yeah I'd like to relive Mikey's childhood we had good times. Thats what kept me stuck here. I'm not scared of life cockroach mommas in 109 and 309. I have plenty of people reaching out to me in the real world dogs in 109 and 309 Im just tryin to get you cockroach familiars voodoo queens out all our collective vicinty first. because we dont wanna know you at all. saw your cockroach lookin daughter at worlds biggest laundromat not the only one who seen her. well marina must have set off the "journey" because she said I looked like sandra bullock, and her nickname in the hood was nicole. so.